Assault in the first degree, by means of chilli oil?!…

A recent story in the UK’s Daily Mail describes how Chef Heston Blumenthal monitored the effect of chili oil, chillibeing directly injected into his head chef via an IV drip, to determine the effects of spices on the brain. No picture of the resulting scan, from a “£5million MRI scanner” was offered in the article, but according to Blumenthal

“You could see all his brain cells light up on the screen and it helped me understand how chilli works.”

Now, if this experiment is not creepy in itself, Blumenthal’s confession to rigging the dosage definitely is:

“…I sneakily switched the dosage when nobody was looking so he was getting double the chilli the doctors deemed safe.”

This can’t be legal?….There’s experimentation and experimentation. There’s no mention if the head chef suffered any post-experiment trauma. I would love to know what his reaction was when he found out the switch in dosage…

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