Daring Cooks – 1st Challenge: Zuni Ricotta Gnocchi

Two and a half year after launching the Daring Bakers challenges, the ladies-in-charge followed up with the Daring Cooks challenge. Geared towards Ricotta gnocchisthe savoury instead of sweet, these challenges will follow the same model at the Daring Bakers challenges: a host chooses a recipe and members  follow it and blog about it on a set day. The first challenge, hosted by Cream Puff, was taken from the Zuni Café Cookbook. The Zuni Ricotta Gnocchi recipe was pretty straightforward. I had done potato gnocchis a few times before, but never with cheese. The final result was a nice and light gnocchi. I pan-fried them, after boiling them, for a crunchier texture. The use of sage was a nice combination with the ricotta. Looking forward to next month’s challenge.

To join these challenges, drop by the Daring Kitchen and send an email to Lis and Yvonne. Everyone is welcome, and you’ll find yourself part of a very supportive group of cooks and bakers.