Daring Bakers – 3rd Challenge: Yule Log

Daring Bakers Yule LogAs much as the Potato Bread challenge made my heart sing, this one made my heart sink. Don’t get me wrong. I’m fine with intricate and elaborate instructions, but having to reproduce anything realistically is just not my cup of tea. Mushrooms out of meringue or marzipan? Oy!

Our hostesses this month were none other than Daring Bakers’ founders Lisa and Ivonne. I printed the six-page recipe and read it a few times, visualizing all of its steps. As with other Daring Bakers challenges, I found the recipe more daunting in its written form than in its execution. The genoise took no time to put together, thanks to my mom’s birthday gift of a very nifty Kitchen Aid mixer.

Earlier in the month I caught an episode of Iron Chef America where Chef Tyler Florence tried to make a yule log and ended up with Yule planks when his genoise broke when he rolled it. Well, needless to say I had nightmares about this procedure after I saw this. If this Iron chef couldn’t do it right, how could I?…I stared at my pan for a long time before attempting the roll-over. I finally took a deep breath and just went for it. It worked. Kind of. My log is more oblong than round, but at least it didin’t break into planks. I was stoked.

The mocha buttercream went a long way in camouflaging the unevenness of this log. I had a small slice of each end, and it tasted great. It’s now been frozen and will be flown to Toronto for the holidays. The test will be on Christmas day when it will be served at a small dinner. A picture of the final result will be posted at that time.

Thanks again for a great challenge for the opportunity to stretch my sticky spatula even further… 🙂

Update: In the end I did not have thee space in my luggage to bring the log to Toronto. Here’s the final result, created when I returned home after the holidays.

Daring Bakers - Yule Log