Celebrating International Onion Day…with onion rings

As reported earlier on this blog, Monday November 26th was International Onion Day. Zorra, fromOnion Rings à la Tony Roma's 1Xumrühren bitte invited food bloggers to join her on this day by cooking a dish featuring this every day staple. I took her up on it and decided to make onion rings, but not the common heavily-battered ones. My favorite onion rings are the one found at the ribs restaurant chain, Tony Roma’s. I first came across this chain in Florida, then discovered they had a restaurant here in Vancouver. That is, until they closed it last year.

Tony Roma’s onion rings come in a loaf, served with their Onion ringssignature BBQ sauce. A look around the web unearthed a recipe very much the replica. I found out the key ingredient to these rings was pancake mix! Also, these rings are not just fried, but baked as well. I followed the recipe and pretty much came out with my own loaf of this classic side dish. I used President’s Choice Smokin’ Habanero Barbecue Sauce on the side. Hum…hum…Another keepsake for my recipe chest. Thanks for the challenge, Zorra!