Would you care to sniff the straw?…

The new wine tetrapaks are slowly making their way into liquor stores, gaining quite a few fans in the process. French Rabbit hit the shelves earlier this year in the Lower Mainland and rapidly sold out. Cordier Mestrezat Grands Crus, a century-old French wine maker is taking this packaging even further by adding a special straw. According to Max Colchester of The Wall Street Journal:

“…it announced plans to sell wine, dubbed Tandem, in an 8.5 ounce carton that comes with a special straw with four holes, designed to spray the wine into the mouth. The company says it gives a similar sensation to drinking from a glass. The red, white and rosé versions come in shiny red, green and pink boxes made by Swiss packaging company Tetra Pak SA. “

The company is currently testing the product in Belgium, with the plans of a French launch next year. The cost of the carton is $US2.50.
Can’t wait to see these little guys appearing in lunch bags at the office. Talk about a lunch packing a punch!… 😉

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