Japa-Dog – street eats, japanese style

japa-dog.jpgI had some appointments in the downtown area yesterday, so I took the opportunity to have lunch at my favorite hot dog cart, Japa-Dog. The place was busy, but service was as efficient and cheerful as ever. I had the Terimayo, a beef sausage served with Japanese mayo, nori, teriyaki sauce and fried onions. It was excellent! It’s nice to see such a creative concept catch on. Other offerings include the Oroshi, a bratwurst laden with special soy sauce, green onions, and daikon and the Misomayo is a turkey smokie laden with special miso sauce, Kaiware, and japanese mayo.

Japa-Dog is located at the northwest corner of Smythe and Burrard, Vancouver. They will be on holidays from Sept. 16-21.

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