In search of the elusive avocado leaf

One of the recipes in the dvd series by the Culinary Institute of America (see post below) was the Mole Negro de Teotitlan del Valle. We had done mole at Northwest during Latin American days. One of my colleagues, Rossana Ascencio, originally from Mexico, led this class. I found the process intriguing and was looking for an opportunity to try it again. Here was my cue.

I found most of the ingredients (four different types of dried chiles, Mexican chocolate, tomatoes, spices) on Commercial Drive. The tomatillos were a bit of a challenge, but I finally found them at South China Seas Trading at the Granville Island Market. (note to self: get down to the GI market more often…and early in the day). However, I could not find an avocado leaf anywhere. El Sureno Market had almost every other leaf imaginable except for this one. I gave up on it and cooked the mole without it. Suggestions as to where I can find this leaf will be appreciated.

I was happy with the final results. The whole process took about four hours, but well worth the effort. I look forward to making this recipe again.

Click on picture for slideshow
of mole making:

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